Johannes receives poster price at HPMPS in Saint Malo

Johannes (GeoMaX PhD student) received the poster prize at the 9th High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminar that took place in Saint Malo. He presented his work on „High-pressure high-temperature single-crystal elasticity of iron-bearing wadsleyite: Reappraising the water sensitivity of seismic observables“.

Congratulations! Well deserved!

PhD short course on „Mineralogy, mineral physics and seismology of Earth’s mantle“

The GeoMaX group, in collaboration with seismologists from Münster, organized the 2nd short course on „Mineralogy, mineral physics and seismology of Earth‘s mantle“. The short course took place at BGI Bayreuth, some impressions are given below. In addition to the lectures and practicals given by GeoMaX group members, Christine Thomas from Münster and Laura Cobden from Utrecht, guest lectures were given by Christine Houser from the ELSI in Tokyo. Moreover, a resarch talk was provided by John Hernlund (ELSI). Participants of the 2nd PhD short course on „mineralogy, mineraly physis and seismology of Earth’s mantle“

Practical by PhD student Johannes Buchen on Equations of State

Christine Thomas explains how to analyse seismic data

Practical on „construction of seismic models from mineral physics data“

Participants presenting and discussing their own work

Canoe trip

The GeoMaX group went for a canoe trip on the „Wiesent“. It was quite rainy, but most of the water actually came from below..


Kirsten receives AGU travel grant

PhD student Kirsten was awarded a travel grant from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) to attend the society’s Fall Meeting that will take place in New Orleans at the end of 2017. She receives the grant to present her work on comparative elasticity measurements of ringwoodite and the seismic signature of a hydrated transition zone in Earth’s mantle.Congratulations!

New Paper in American Mineralogist

Johannes accepted paper on „the equation of state of wadsleyite solid solutions: Constraining the effects of anisotropy and crystal chemistry“ is now available as pre-print from American Mineralogist (Link).

New PhD student

We welcome Niccolò Satta as new PhD student. Niccolò will be working on the high-pressure/high-temperature single-crystal elastic properties of hydrous minerals. His PhD work is supported by the International Research Training Group „Deep Earth Volatile Cycles“ funded by the German Science Foundation.

Public Outreach, „Tag der offenen Tür“ at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences

GeoMaX group members presented the activities of BGI Bayreuth at the „Tag der offenen Tür“ of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich. The presentations included „volcono building“ for kids. Some impressions are summarized below.

Johannes talks about high-pressure/high-temperature research at BGI Bayreuth.

Alexander explains the principles of a diamond-anvil cell

Fabian sets up the indoor volcano after the kids build their little own.

The three images above five some impression of the „candy-volcano“ presentation.