Invited Talk at Goldschmidt Conference

Hauke was invited to present some of the group research at this year’s Goldschmidt Conference in Praque. The talk entitled „Strength of (Mg, Fe)O Ferropericlase at High-Pressures and High-Temperatures and Slab Stagnation in the Shallow Lower Mantle“ was schedule in session 25d „Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials – Insights from Simulations and Experiments“.


Presentations of GeoMax group members at Goldschmidt Conference

Almost the entire GeoMaX research group was attending the Goldschmidt Conference in Praque.

Alexander gave a talk about „Single-Crystal Elastic Properties of Mg0.88Fe0.12Si0.09Al0.11O3 Bridgmanite at High Pressure“.

Johannes and Kirsten (both PhD students) presented Brillouin scattering and XRD results on posters entitled „Internally Consistent High-Pressure Elasticity of Single-Crystal (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 Wadsleyite“ and „Direct Quantification of the Effects of Iron Content and Hydration on the High-Pressure Elasticity of Single-Crystal Ringwoodite“, respectively.