Keynote talk at European Mineralogical Conference (EMC)

Hauke was invited to present the group’s work in a keynote talk at the European Mineralogical Conference that took place last week in Rimini, Italy. The talk about „Insights into the nature of Earth’s mantle from elasticity and rheology measurements at high-pressure/high-temperature“ was scheduled in the session „Advances in computational and experimental mineralogy: A journey from the surface to the deep Earth and beyond“. Johannes presented his PhD work on „Internally consistent single-crystal elasticity of iron-bearing wadsleyite at high pressures and high temperatures“ in the same session.


Kirsten receives „Best Student Poster Price“ at the EHPRG meeting

Kirsten Schulze has been awarded the „Best Student Poster Price“ for her presentation at the 54th European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) International Meeting that was held in Bayreuth this week. The presented work was entitlted „The effect of iron content and hydration state on the elastic moduli of single-crystal ringwoodite at high pressure“ Congratulations!!