GeoMaX members at AGU in New Orleans

Hauke, Johannes, Julia and Kirsten attended this year’s AGU meeting in San Francisco and presented work of the GeoMaX research group:

Buchen, J.; Marquardt, H.; Boffa Ballaran, T.; Kawazoe, T.; Speziale, S.; Kurnosov, A. (2017): How the 410-km discontinuity reflects mantle water content: Constraints from high-pressure experiments on wadsleyite single-crystal elasticity.

Immoor, J.; Marquardt, H.; Miyagi, L.; Lin, F.; Speziale, S.; Merkel, S.; Buchen, J.; Kurnosov, A.; Liermann, H.-P. (2017): Experimental deformation of (Mg,Fe)O ferropericlase in a resistive-heated DAC at conditions of the Earth’s lower mantle.

Marquardt, H.; Kurnosov, A.; Frost, D.; Boffa Ballaran, T.; Ziberna, L. (2017): High-pressure single-crystal elasticity measurements of Al-Fe-bridgmanite support a Fe3+-rich pyrolitic lower mantle.

Schulze, K.; Marquardt, H.; Boffa Ballaran, T.; Kurnosov, A.; Kawazoe, T.; Koch-Müller, M. (2017): Small Effect of Hydration on Elastic Wave Velocities of Ringwoodite in Earth’s Transition Zone.