PDAC (smartphone app)

PDAC is an application that allows for calculating pressure in a diamond-anvil cell from ruby fluorescence. It is designed for portable devices (smartphones, tablets) to allow for quick pressure calculations in the laboratory or at synchrotron facilities. Along with pressure, PDAC shows the corresponding depth in the Earth. If you want to add PDAC as app to your mobile device, follow the instructions below. Use of PDAC is free of charge.


Different published calibrations are available and more will be implemented in the near future. PDAC will be further developed to be able to save and display pressure data during experiments. Also, user comments or questions are welcome to improve functionality of PDAC (info@depict-group.org). If you require a specific pressure calibration, please let us know and we will try to implement it.

How to add PDAC as app to devices working with Android:

As a widget from bookmarks: Go to PDAC and save it as bookmark. Add the bookmark widget to your home screen and select the PDAC bookmark.

Directly from Chrome: Go to PDAC and select the „Add to homescreen“ option in the chrome settings menu.

How to add PDAC as app to devices working with OS-X:

Use the fluid app (http://fluidapp.com) along with the PDAC logo (http://pdac.depict-group.org/img/pdac_app.png).