Research Highlights

Highlighted Research of GeoMaX Group Members (selection)

2023. „Hot iron oxide slows down sesimic waves“ News and Highlights, DESY (Link)

2022. „How a Newly Discovered Mineral Might Explain Weird Mantle Behavior“, coverage in AGU EOS (Link)

2022. „X ray view of subducting plates“. News and Highlights, DESY (Link)

2021. „Processes in Earth’s Mantle and Surface Connections „, coverage in AGU EOS (Link)

2021. „High-pressure experiments provide insight into icy planets“, News and Highlights, DESY (Link)

2018. „High-Temperature Study Opens View on Movements in Earth’s Mantle“. News and Highlights, DESY (Link).

2015. „Strength to put a stop to sinking slabs“. Editor’s choice in Science (Link). Based on our publication # 15

2015. „What Goes Up, Must Come Down (and Sometimes Gets Stuck)“. Science Brief, Advanced Light Source. Based on our publication # 15

2015. „Strength under pressure“. Nature Geoscience News and Views article (Link). Based on our publication # 15

2012. “Putting the squeeze on nanocrystalline MgO: Nanomaterials are “softer” then their bulk counterparts”. Science Highlight HASYLAB, DESY Hamburg (Link). Based on our publications # 8 & 9

2010. „Seismic Spinning“, Editor’s choice in Science 327, 2010 (Link). Based on our publication # 5

2009. “How earthquake waves spread across the globe”, Science Highlight in Diamond Light Source Annual Report 2009, p. 18-19 (Link, pdf). Based on our publications # 3 & 4