Talks, Posters and Session at the GeoBerlin 2015 Meeting

Almost all GeoMaX group members attended the GeoBerlin Meeting „Dynamic Earth“ that was held at the Free University in Berlin from October 4th-7th.

Johannes and Kirsten talked about their recent work on the „Elastic anisotropy of wadsleyite“ and „The effect of iron content and hydration on the high-pressure single-crystal elasticity of ringwoodite derived from an internally consistent approach“, respectively in the session „A4-03 Properties of Earth Materials and Constraints on Mantle Flow“ (Hauke Marquardt, Robert Farla, Patrick Cordier).

Hauke presented work on „Deformation of (Mg,Fe)O ferropericlase at high-pressures and high-temperatures and slab stagnation in the shallow lower mantle“ and a follow-up study on „The response of subducting slabs to a strength increase in the shallow lower constrained by numerical modelling“. In addition, Alex showed a poster about „The effect of iron and aluminium incorporation on the single-crystal elasticity of bridgmanite at high pressure“.