Research Highlights

Highlighted Research of GeoMaX Group Members (selection)

2018. „High-Temperature Study Opens View on Movements in Earth’s Mantle“. News and Highlights, DESY (Link).

2015. „Strength to put a stop to sinking slabs“. Editor’s choice in Science (Link). Based on our publication # 15

2015. „What Goes Up, Must Come Down (and Sometimes Gets Stuck)“. Science Brief, Advanced Light Source. Based on our publication # 15

2015. „Strength under pressure“. Nature Geoscience News and Views article (Link). Based on our publication # 15

2012. “Putting the squeeze on nanocrystalline MgO: Nanomaterials are “softer” then their bulk counterparts”. Science Highlight HASYLAB, DESY Hamburg (Link). Based on our publications # 8 & 9

2010. „Seismic Spinning“, Editor’s choice in Science 327, 2010 (Link). Based on our publication # 5

2009. “How earthquake waves spread across the globe”, Science Highlight in Diamond Light Source Annual Report 2009, p. 18-19 (Link, pdf). Based on our publications # 3 & 4