DEPICT projects

matter at Deep Earth and Planetary Interior CondiTions to DEPICT the inner workings of planets

Properties and processes occuring in the deep interiors of planets govern their evolution over time. We try to understand the properties of materials at the extreme pressure and temperature conditions typcial for the deep interior of planets. These data are the basis to interpret planetary observations (such as seismic data or moment of inertia). Our measurements also serve as input parameters for large-scale dynamic models that simulate the evolution of planets and planetary interiors. These models ultimately allow us to extrapolate observations in time. We are also closely interacting with geo- and cosmochemistry in order to define materials of interest and chemical variabilities.


We are currently focusing our research in four main directions:

  1. ERC CoG DEEP-MAPS -> Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments
  2. Experimental Elasticity for Planetary Interior Exploration -> Structure and Compositon of „Rocky“ Planets
  3. Experimental Deformation Studies -> Understand the Dynamics of Planetary Interiors
  4. Dynamic Compression Experiments to Study Planetary Ice Compounds -> Improve Interior Models of Ice Giant and „Mini-Neptune“ Planets