First Experiments at the European XFEL

Hauke is part of a diamond-anvil cell user consortium performing first experiments at the European XFEL in Schenefeld. A variety of materials will be studied and the effect of the FEL radiation on the diamond-anvils and samples will be explored.

Invited Talk at the 32nd European Crystallographic Meeting

Hauke was invited to present our recent progress in time-resolved diffraction experiments using the dynamic diamond-anvil cell. The talk entitled „Dynamic Compression of Materials at Pressures of Earth’s Interior Using the dDAC“ was scheduled in the microsymposium „Pressure and Mechanical Stress Induced Phase Transition and Polymorphism in Inorganic, Metalorganic and Organic Compounds“.

Keynote talk, Gordon Research Conference „Interior of the Earth“

Hauke was invited to present the group’s work at the Gordon Research Conference „Interior of the Earth“ at Mount Holoyke (June 2nd-7th).The theme of the Conference was „Processes and Outcomes of Material Recycling Between Earth’s Surface and Interior“. Hauke was invited to contribute the mineral physics perspective to deep recycling in a talk entitled „Physical Properties of Mantle Materials and Their Importance to Understand Recycling“.